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Our Company

Intellicure, Inc. is a privately held medical clinical documentation software company located in The Woodlands, Texas that was developed by clinicians for clinicians. Our expertise and understanding empowered us to create a technology platform that is built around physician work flow needs. Intellicure provides clinicians with the tools necessary to deliver evidence based care, ensure accurate billing and coding, facilitate clinical research, and make life easier.
Intellicure is also at the forefront of research and development in the Wound Care and Podiatry community, working alongside healthcare professionals and vendors alike. By providing enormous amounts of quality data, Intellicure is a valued resource in its industry.

Our Mission

Intellicure’s single-minded focus has been to harness technology to solve healthcare challenges in care of patients with non-healing wounds. Its core focus is a clinical documentation package that gives providers additional vital dividends like physician and facility billing calculations, product ordering, detailed operations reporting, and government mandated registry and quality data submission, all with no duplicate data entry. Our unique vision is that at the advent of the computer revolution in healthcare, we committed to: 1) collecting structured data rather than free text information, 2) point of care, data-in-once collection (never duplicate entry) and 3) leveraging mandatory governmental and billing data that clinicians know they MUST collect in order to obtain information that has additional market value.

Our History

Our clinical documentation software began in 1995 at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Texas.  Originally named “ED Knows Wound Care” later WoundTrak and finally Intellicure EHR, it was Dr. Caroline Fife’s answer to the growing problem of timeliness and accuracy of dictation and patient charting. HyperTrak, our hyperbaric clinical documentation program, got its start at Texas A&M University, with Dr. William Fife and David Walker, CHT in 1994.
We brought the two together, taking our likes and dislikes from each program in mid-2000, redesigning the two packages into IntelliTrak EMR.  We extended our early efforts beyond clinical documentation and began development of our Practice Management System with Intellicure Front Desk Manager, InventoryTrak, Clinic Management, and Intellicure Reporting systems.  Each program was designed to answer questions specific to making the solid business decisions that facilitated the operation of our multiple wound care and hyperbaric medicine clinics as well as the broader market place.
By late-2001, we had taken our unique, focused expertise in wound care and hyperbaric medicine clinical care and operations, applied computer technology, and developed a unique product for the Advanced Wound Care Center market. This crucible defines our long term market differentiation of being providers who developed software for medicine rather than a technology company who tried to learn wound care. Software licensing began after full scale beta testing was completed at Tomball Regional Hospital in 2002 and the company began slow organic growth, primarily in the nearby geographic area.