“Doctors Wasting Over Two-Thirds Of Their Time Doing Paperwork” - Forbes

quality payment program, intellicure ehrPhysicians are in a difficult environment with complex regulatory requirements that put their reimbursement at risk. They are spending less time taking care of patients and more time on paperwork and billing. IntellicureEHR has made it simple. By using Intellicure physicians are able to follow a process that addresses the regulatory challenges, like MIPS, and helps physicians get paid for the quality care they provide. Doctors using Intellicure make more money, have more time with patients, and have more compliant documentation.  LEARN MORE

Quality Programs

“Meaningful use is first-grade arithmetic and MIPS and MACRA are college-level calculus.” - Modern Healthcare

It’s all about quality. Volume-based reimbursements are a thing of the past and physicians are now being paid based on their results as compared to their peers. Smaller practices are being squeezed because they do not have the resources or integrated solutions needed to address the current regulatory requirements. Intellicure has formed the Intellicure Network, which gives physicians access to the tools needed to not only survive under MIPS, but to thrive. By integrating the IntellicureEHR with Quality Registries, the Integrated Quality Scorecard (IQS), and Physician Billing, Intellicure Network members have everything they need to earn the optimum bonus under MIPS or any other Quality Payment Programs.  LEARN MORE

Physician Billing

“Physicians are working harder than ever and taking home less due to declining reimbursement and the high cost of collecting on a claim.” - HBMA

It’s getting harder every day for providers to get paid correctly and on time. Physicians are fighting with payors just to get the money they’re owed and the time it takes to do that is expensive. In our experience over 80% of physicians believe their billing is going well, but most are actually losing up to 23% per year. Our physician billing services take the difficult tasks off your plate allowing you to take care of patients without worrying about getting paid. Intellicure has been helping providers with accurate and compliant billing for over 20 years. Handling everything from credentialing to collections, physicians that use our solution avoid denials 99.94% of the time.  LEARN MORE

Clinical Research

Regulating agencies are using outcome data to establish reimbursement structures.”  - Harvard School of Public Health

Research and data analytics are playing a bigger role in healthcare. Organizations of all types are relying on research to help them make decisions. Manufacturers need to understand the effectiveness of their products, payors want to align reimbursements with outcomes, and physicians want to use treatments that give patients with the best results.

As a Contract Research Organization (CRO) Intellicure conducts prospective and retrospective research studies relevant to Wound Care and Podiatry. Because of the way IntellicureEHR collects structured data the CRO is able to assist organizations with research and analytics. Intellicure can manage Clinical Trials or perform comparative effectiveness studies on any given types of treatment. All of this is managed and tracked within IntellicureEHR in conjunction with the US Wound and US Podiatry Registries.  LEARN MORE

Product Distribution

“Trends are combining to create demand for products that are ‘good enough’ and competitively priced.”  - McKinsey

Getting the right products to the right patients at the right time can be a challenge. Physicians struggle with helping get patients easy access to effective products that are also affordable. Suppliers are up against a highly regulated environment with downward price pressure. The ability to best connect patients, providers, and suppliers is important.

Through Intellicure’s Direct Product solutions the connection between patients, providers, and suppliers has become a reality. While working inside the patient chart providers can easily place orders for patient products and suppliers can contract with Intellicure to have their products included. Physicians are also able to order practice supplies and maintain their inventory without the need for onsite storage.  LEARN MORE